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Think refreshing massages, candlelit dinners al fresco, lazing by the pool with the sun on your face or thriving sports and activities, at Timber Trail you will be spoilt for choices. With so much to pick from, the key is to balance and mix the bits that suits you.

The visitors seeking adventure can enjoy the thrill of mountain biking or the excitement of trekking with the help of the local guides. At the same time if someone wants to experience calmness and tranquility, our manicured green patches with heavenly scenic beauty will offer them relaxation and rejuvenation.

If these are not enough we have an opulent swimming pool located at Timber Trail Resort and other facilities at Timber Trail Heights - children rides, tennis court, indoor/outdoor sports unit, making Timber Trail an ideal family getaway. Wait… there is more recreation to explore. Unwind in style in the 1.6 acre complex where you will find everything you need for a vacation, that is as active or leisurely as you like.

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