Spa Therapies

Spiritual well being and physical fitness are the main aim of all Spa cures. Spa therapies in India trace their source to olden times when man turned to nature for health remedies. Though the science is more than 10,000 years old, the earliest written texts on Spa were written as far back as 6000 years.

Natural cures, yogic remedies, soothing music, naturally soothing surroundings, plant herbs, oils, aromatherapy, gem stones, cleansing cures and counseling form an integral part of Spa therapies that restore to health, refresh and invigorate.

Some ordinary Spa therapies that are arranged at Spa resorts and spas in India are:

Pizhichil Massage Spa Therapy


Pizhichil Massage is a therapy of continues pouring of warm customized herbal mix of oil (nearly ½ to 1 gallon) all over the body, accompanied by a soothing, therapeutic synchronized Spa massage. This therapy is just heavenly, nurturing, and ultimate treatment to renew vibrant skin, healthy mind and joyous spirit.

Shiro Vasthi Spa Therapy

Shiro Vasthi

This is a process in which a belt is fastened around the head wrap the portion of the forehead so a well like arrangement takes place over the head. This well is then filled with oil and set aside for some time. This is also useful in diseases of the head especially in difficulties arising due to injuries to the head.

Navarakizhi Spa Therapy


A highly successful spa therapy using a special type of rice that is cooked and then tied into boluses and dipped into an herbal decoction and warm milk, then skillfully massaged simultaneously by four therapists all over the body for one hour after the Abhyanga. This spa therapy Strengthen muscle tissues & Boost up Sport performance also useful in Paralysis, Arthritis, Muscular & joint related ailments etc.

Abhyanga Spa Therapy


A complete body massage with specific herbal oils to nourish and revitalize the body tissues (Dhatus) and to allow the toxins to be removed from the cells. This spa therapy has much deeper and more far reaching effects than an ordinary massage using mineral oils and lotions. This spa therapy achieves deepest healing effects by naturally harmonizing Body - Mind & Spirit. This massage is performed symmetrically by two therapists for one hour and is usually followed by a medicated steam bath (Sweda). It is one of the most invigorating treatments of spa.

Nasyam Spa Therapy


This is an ideal spa therapy to do away with the morbid factors from upper respiratory tracts and sinuses. It is an excellent Sodhana Therapy (elimination therapy) for the head, recommended in chronic headaches, sinusitis, and facial paralysis. Fortified medicated oils are instilled in to nostrils after inhaling volatile vapours from herds. Nasyam Helps to tone up the brain brings alertness and sharpness to various mental faculties.

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