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Solitaires were created to satisfy the need of people looking for privacy, exclusivity, comforts and lots of fun. First and the foremost is the location. Located within the resort at the highest location but still separated naturally by hundreds of rainforest trees the entire Resort stands surrounded by thousands of acres of dense canopy of classical rainforest. Adjusting the architectural plans to fit without cutting a single branch or tree makes the construction looks like enveloped in trees. Solitaire are World Famous Diamonds. Uniqueness in shape, size and sparkle makes them the rarest of rare diamonds. Solitaires create an irresistible urge in humans to posses them. Having possessed Solitaire it becomes an object of continuous satisfaction for the possessor.

Ramsukh Solitaires – the Exclusive Suites, 4 in nos., unparalleled in creativity, standards and natural harmony, are built so exquisitely that makes them an awe inspiring Architectural Solitaires . They could easily rank as one of the most romantic suites in India.

Ramsukh Each Suite has an unique theme based interiors, architecture and ambience . The overall architecture was planned such that not a single tree was cut. The compete layout was designed between the trees keeping nature intact. This has created an unmatched ambience of world class comforts which resonates with the mother nature. Built within the resort but still keeping the havens of Solitude and Peace well barred from the day-to-day operations by the evergreen barrier of natural rainforest is unfound in most manmade getaways.

The Tiffany
The famous Tiffany diamond was found in 1978 in the mines of South Africa. Tiffany was valued at $ 12,000,000 during 1983 .

Tiffany Solitaire is located on ground floor and has open balcony facing the lawns where in a authentic Tea table setup is done. It has a Lobby equipped with tea / coffee maker and microwave ovens. The main bedroom is beautifully decorated with teakwood log ceilings and has a rustic fireplace. Also installed are LCD TV, DVD player with MP3 music system, bar table, a cozy master bed, sofas and beautiful Alabaster (natural stone) lighting with dimmers to generate the mischievous mood .

The toilets has got a lobby with double wardrobes, chairs, additional tables, counter basins, W/c and rain showers . Tiffany also boasts of unique outdoor bed, rain shower and commode with interesting features placed along the private pathway.

Tiffany has an unique outdoor space of approx. 2000 sq.ft. with walls around there are lot of trees wherein is placed the Sundance SPA of 5' x 7' having 17 powerful SPA jets with built in hot water and filtration system (rated as the best in U.S.A.)

The Cullinan
The Cullinan also known as The Star of Africa. Currently claims to be the largest cut diamond in the world. Cullinan weighs around 530.20 carats and has 74 facets. Presently resides in the Tower of London and is set in the Scepter of King Edward VII.

Cullinan Solitaire is located on ground floor . Has got a fine lobby with tea / coffee maker, well arranged dining space, The main bedroom is tastefully done with silk touch. Cullinan - furnished in Royal Victorian Style consists of several oil paintings, silk furnishings, royal chairs, and the bedroom has got classic decorative Teakwood bed. White Duco paint, crystal handles, decorative mirrors make up most of the Cullinan's interior. Cullinan has an exotic crystal chandelier and lights with dimmers that creates an unforgettable romantic experience. Cullinan comes equipped with LCD TV, DVD player, fireplace and a bar equipped with beautiful crystal glass and silver plated water jugs.

The flooring is mostly wooden. It has got a open forested space of 2300 sq.ft. with walls around wherein is placed the Sundance SPA of 5' x 7' having 17 powerful SPA jets with built in hot water and filtration system (rated as the best in U.S.A.)

The toilets has got a lobby with double wardrobes, chairs, additional tables, counter basins, W/c and rain showers . Cullinan also boasts of unique outdoor authentic Jungle Tent to enjoy the enclosed wild nature.

The Blue Heart
The Blue Heart - Some refer to this Great Diamond as “Eugenie Blue” by name of the Empresses. The great diamond of rare blue color was cut in heart shape .

The Blue Heart Solitaire situated on first floor is an expanse of Blue and Brown. The comparatively compact suite has well divided spaces for lobby, dinning, master bedroom and toilet areas.

The Blue Heart has an personal open air swimming pool of approx. 180 sq.ft. with 2' wide passage to walk in the water with a personal water fall creating an absolutely smashing effect. The deck also offers an excellent view of the Krishna Valley and the surrounding mountains. The swimming pool is located directly in front of bedroom and is tiled with Bisazza ½” blue tiles. Has got 2 LED submerged lights giving the water a lovely shade of Blue bringing the sky romantically within your reach.

The toilets are well situated with jacuzzi bathtub, double basins and W/c. The lobby has got double wardrobe.

Interiors come with beautiful silk curtains, sofas with one side open. The overall ambience is such that one would long to come again and again.

The Florentine
The Florentine - This Famous Diamond of historic Indian origin has legends surrounding it as far back as 1467. Its is light yellow in color with slight green overtone. It has nine sides, one 126 faced double rose cut.

It was owned in the 17th century by Empress Maria Theresa and was placed in Hapsburg Crown Jewels at Vienna at that time it was valued at $ 750,000.

The Florentine Solitaire s uite situated on the first floor is unique in its kind in India. Has 50 up lifters with soft yellow lights from wooden logs creating a mesmerizing effect. The exquisitely done interiors has silk furnishings. The spacious bedroom is divided by a small wall of niches ( lighted to create a peaceful effect).

Florentine has got an 400 sq.ft. personal open air oval shaped swimming pool on the 1st deck which is of 400 sq.ft. again. The 360 deg. panoramic view from the deck is fantastic comprising of green mountains, valley & forests. The pool has 400 LED color changing submerged lights giving an effect which would last for years to come .

The sloping roof gives it a feeling of space gradually merging into the trees and the sky.

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