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Health Spa

The only Indoor & Outdoor SPA in Mahabaleshwar.

Ramsukh Resorts latest venture - The Spa & Gymnasium - A complete body workshop.

At "The Spa" we have incorporated the ancient wellness techniques along with the modern western therapies of massage, facials and aromatherapy. Feel the soothing hands of the therapists as they render their magical therapies customized to beautify, transform and rejuvenate you mind, body & soul.

Or experience the soothing feeling as the warm water pressure jets massage your tired body at the Spacious King Size Jacuzzi.

Sweat out the extra kilos at the state of the art body workshop "The Gymnasium" complete with commercial treadmills, rovers, walkers, multi-gym systems et el.

And for those who want to meditate in resonance with nature, we have a special naturally shaded area with cool stone sit outs and benches. We also provide quality meditation mats for the purpose.

A rejuvenating & blissful experience you will remember the years to come!!

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