Leonia Holistic Destination, Hyderabad

Leo Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Management (LAHTM) is set on a well equipped, modern and peaceful Campus of Leonia - The Holistic Destination - a choice destination for Business and Leisure Tourism (Promoted by the Leo Meridian Infrastructure Projects & Hotels Limited) which is located in an easy 60 minutes drive from Hyderabad Airport. The location of Leonia Campus offers serenity with picturesque surroundings comprising extensive greeneries and farmlands.

The 'Leonia Holistic Destination' campus features most technologically advanced Luxury Hotel with 82 rooms + 6 World-class suites, swimming Pool, Restaurants, large and medium sized Convention/Conference Centres, Spa, Gym, Indoor Sports and Entertainment complex, Kids Court etc. The Leonia Group planned for an upcoming project of a business hotel consisting of 1000 rooms in the same campus by the end of December, 2009. The facilities and infrastructure would be used to provide experiential and on-the-job exposure to the students of LAHTM pursuing courses in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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