Golkonda Resorts Spa, Hyderabad


An area spanning 12000 sq. ft. across three floors…Welcome to a world class spa experience. Here, you will find the best facilities that include spacious treatment rooms and luxury beauty salons equipped with the latest beauty techniques and equipment. A perfect mix of traditional health treatments (Kerala Ayurvedic treatment), sophisticated beauty salon and modern, scientific methods makes Golkonda Spa a complete experience for the health conscious.

Original herbal products have been specially sourced from Kerala and the Himalayas to bring you the best in body and beauty treatments.

* Four spacious, self-sufficient Treatment Rooms
* Massage Parlors
* Special Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment
* Spa Therapy
* Sophisticated Beauty Saloon
* Blend of traditional and modern health & beauty treatments
* Yoga & Meditation
* Aerobics Center
* Educative sessions on low-calorie cooking
* Range of herbal products sourced from Kerala and the Himalayas
* Trained instructors, professional dieticians & nutritionists


At the Massage Rooms you have the choice of opting for the time-tested healing powers of Ayurvedic body massages and treatments or the more contemporary international massages.

* Thai Body Works
* Classical Swedish Massage
* Shiatsu Massage
* Aroma Therapy Massage
* Reflexology
* Oriental Retreat
* Jet Leg Massage
* Head Massage
* Back Massage


You can experience the rejuvenating powers of one of the oldest healing Ayurvedic Massages for health and longevity. Our experts use various traditional methods of purification and rejuvenation to restore balance and nurture the body and mind.

* Complete Body Ayurvedic Massage (Uzhichil)
* Complete Body Oil Bath (Pizichil)
* Ayurvedic Herbal Detoxify Body Wrap
* Shirodhara
* Herbal Heat Revival (Njiavarakizi)
* Kati Vasti


Offer exclusive oriental body treatments that rely on the healing powers of Nature to achieve amazing results. These treatments do not merely cleanse the skin but also eliminate body impurities. Our team of dedicated therapists bring you the best in Oriental body care.

* Thai Coffee Scrub
* Coconut Scrub
* Volcanic Clay Body Scrub
* Traditional Mandi lulur
* Balinese Boreh
* Papaya Body Polish
* Oriental Body Glow
* Coconut Body Glow


Natural Spa Facials help improve blood circulation, cleanse and tighten the skin on the face and neck resulting in a youthful glow.

* Traditional Facials
* Honey-Cucumber Facials
* Avocado Mask
* Tropical Nut Facial
* Aromatic Earth Facials


We offer international facilities at the Fitness Center, which is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment (for both cardio and weight training) and professional instructors, dieticians and nutritionist to guide you every step of the way.

Work your way to a healthy life in the most perfect surroundings.
* 5 Cardiovascular equipment (Joggers, Cycles, Cross Trainers)
* 13 Strength Training Stations
* Spacious area for floor exercises with exercises mats
* Yoga Classes


If you are the outdoor sporty kind, the resort offers various avenues to enjoy the thrill of sport. For tennis enthusiasts, there is a spacious lawn tennis court. A full-fledged squash court and a volleyball court is also part of the facilities. For those who prefer quiet, indoor games, the billiard rooms offer the ideal source of recreation.

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