Devaaya Ayurveda Spa Resort, Goa

Nature Cure - Naturopathy

Naturopathy believes in two things:

* That we fall ill when we go against the rules of nature
* That all healing powers are within our body.

Naturopathy helps the human system to remove from the body toxins and other unwanted matter which leads to disease. The treatments are prophylactic that is – removing the cause of the disease and unlike other systems which treat only the symptoms. As part of the Naturopathy/Ayurveda treatments, the Centre provides yoga, meditation, physiotherapy and other drugless therapies which help regain your lost health.

Depending on an individual’s problem, Doctors at the Centre will recommend the correct therapies, diets, exercises and the duration of the treatments.

Please study the content of this leaflet so as to acquaint yourself with the regulations, restrictions the Centre requires all its patients to adhere to. Applications for admission should be complete with medical records and past history of any health problem.

* Naturopathy is recommended to patients with the following problems: Obesity
* Spondylitis
* High blood pressure
* Abdominal disorders
* Uric Acid
* Cholesterol
* Diabetes Mellitus
* Anaemia
* Migraine
* Sinusitis
* Chronic Constipation
* Gout
* Ulcers and other related problems.

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