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Talk beaches, and you talk golden sunshine, soft sand, clear waters- days of lolling around with nothing to do except soak in the sun, go for a leisurely swim, or gorge yourself on fresh seafood…. Suntans, green coconuts. Beach parties and lively music.

Ganpatipule is idyllic… sparkling waters against silvery shores; jagged palm fronds framed against magnificent sunsets. This is the spot where you can soak in hours of sun and sea-spray, watch time drift by, wonder at sunrises, marvel at sunsets, drink in the moonlight and dance on the moonbeams. And if you are looking for a spot of action, Ganpatipule is a venue for paragliding. The beaches on the coastline are amazingly clear, of both rocks and hordes of visitors. All along the way are tiny fishing villages; groves of casuarina and tropical fruit; and stretches of clean, golden sand.

On coastal fishing excursions boats travel insight of sea, with a view of one of the most beautiful nature parks and the exotic birds that inhabit it. Deep sea fishermen are attended by experienced crews who know the local waters and can locate the best fishing sites. Fishing parties frequently experience sightings of dolphin in these waters.

About Yoga & Meditation on Beach & Hill
Blueocean Resorts serene shores, enchanted forests and mysterious mountains create a perfect atmosphere for the practice of yoga and meditation. Yoga can be found allover the island, but mostly on beach & top of hill.

About Yoga
Through the regular practice of simple yogic postures you can increase stamina and balance, improve concentration and mental clarity, strengthen your body, while increasing flexibility and serenity of mind.Practice yoga with expert instructor in inspiring beach side yoga studios, resorts and villas that take advantage of natural magic.

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