Ananda in the Himalayas, Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand

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When to visit Ananda Spa

When to go / Climate
There are distinct seasonal weather changes in the Himalayan foothills. From November to March the days are cool and clear with plenty of sunshine but possibly the occasional, short winter shower. Jackets / warm clothing should be brought for the early mornings and evenings. Lighter clothing will suffice during the day. April, May and early June are warming up and only light clothing is necessary, although the evenings do cool down somewhat. It tends to rain in the monsoon months of late June through to early September. The monsoon brings humidity, showers and a cool respite from the summer heat. It does not rain constantly but in sporadic bursts. The skies may be cloudy but they are interspersed with strong bursts of sunshine. September and October are cooling down again. The skies can be slightly hazy and humidity may linger but the days are sunny and warm. Generally speaking, Ananda is a destination for all seasons.

Ananda Spa is situated in the low foothills and it is extremely unlikely that any altitude sickness will occur. However, its very height ensures you escape from the extreme heat that can build up in the lowlands.

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