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Outdoor Activities

An exhilarating extension to the spa at Ananda, the resort offer an array of outdoor adventures and thrilling explorations into the Himalayas, Ganges and surrounding National parks.
- Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh
- Trek to Kunjapuri Temple
- Safari Rajaji and Chilla National Park
- White water rafting
- Kayaking
- Angling


”Aarti” is a very auspicious Hindu ritual in which we offer our prayers to God or to whom we respect & consider equal to God; thanking them for their presence in our life. In India, this ritual is performed on various auspicious days, events & festivals.

The Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh is a daily evening ritual, performed at Parmarth Niketan Ashram situated on the banks of river Ganga. This one & half hour ritual starts with a holy fire ceremony called as “Yagna” i.e. offering a mixture of different herbs with clarified butter (Ghee) to the fire while chanting the prayers (Mantra) in order to purify the surrounding environment and to invite the holy vibrations.

The Guru or the Master with his devotees, sing the prayers along with the lighting of the small lamps welcoming & thanking the river Ganga for being the source of life & prosperity for this region. The experience, the view and the positive vibrations are so inspirational that it is difficult to put into words.

Other Details:-
Time : Aaarti starts at sunset. Please check with the front desk for the exact time. Please leave the hotel, one hour before the ceremony starts.
Duration : 3 Hours total, including drive time and ceremony.
Distance : 32 km (both ways).
Total cost : Rs. 1125/- (inclusive all taxes)
Extra Hour : @ Rs. 425/- Hour


The holy shrine is dedicated to Goddess Sati, the consort of Lord Shiva the liberator. It is located 14 Km north of Ananda at 1645m above sea level. It is the highest peak in the nearby vicinity.

As per an ancient legend, to show his disrespect for Lord Shiva, Sati’s father had organized a Yagna (spiritual fire ceremony) and he purposely did not invite Lord Shiva. Sati was embarrassed because of her father’s act and jumped into the holy fire of Yagna and died.

When Lord Shiva came to know about this incident, he became furious and started Tandava, the dance of destruction, carrying Sati’s dead body on his shoulders. This would have lead to the destruction of the world. Then to save the earth from Shiva’s anger, Lord Vishnu destroyed the body of Sati with his Sudarshan Chakra and folklore has it that this (The Kunjapuri Temple) is the spot where the chest or Kunja of Sati’s body was found after it was disseminated.

The legend claims that the original temple was built in that era, however the present temple was built in 1983. This temple is one of the twelve sacred temples (Shakti pith). Offering a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view, this is one of the most breathtaking spot in the region and is a place well worth visiting. The evening and morning ritual take place daily at the time of sunrise and sunset and the view especially at the time is indescribable.

We recommend a visit to the temple during sunrise. One would need to leave early to be present at the temple when it is dark. The transition of colors from black to the way the world sees the sky it in the daytime is an absolutely stunning sight.

Other Details:-
Duration : 20 mins each way by car & 5 hours by trek.
Distance : 22 kms ( both ways)
Total cost for trip : Rs. 850/- ( inclusive all taxes)
Extra Hour : @ Rs. 425/- Hour


A wild life safari is available at the Rajaji National Park for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, with an option of visiting the park in the morning or the afternoon half.

It takes about 7 hrs in total for the safari. 4 hrs in the park area and about 1hr 15 mins traveling time each way. It has been observed that the animal sightings have been more in the afternoon, though a guarantee cannot be given on animal sightings anytime.

The safari starts with a drive in an open jeep, into the magnificent Deodar & Sal (teak) forests, crossing many dry riverbeds, grasslands & a mountain stretch. The park, apart from its abundant wildlife, is also known for its beautiful landscape.

The park has, the famous Asiatic Wild elephants, shy leopard, big herds of chital (spotted deer), sambhar deer (biggest deer of the Park), wild boar, barking deer, blue bulls & 460 species of different birds like Indian Roller, tree pie, Himalayan falcon, white necked kingfisher, jungle foul, great Indian hornbill etc. to name a few. Also, during the time of the winter 40 different species of migratory bird visit this park to raise their chicks & fly back to as far as Siberia, like Cormorants, brahmie ducks, fresh water gulls etc.

An option of a Safari in a Jeep or on the back of an Elephant is available. You could choose from one of them and let the front desk know to enable them to book the same on your behalf.

Elephant safari is available at first come first service. As, there is only one elephant at the park & many a times because of VIP movement the elephant safari is not possible. Guests are requested to be prepared to go on a jeep safari if there is no availability of an elephant.

Kindly Note :
• Returning time of safari entirely depends on the enthusiasm levels shown by the guests & the sightings on that particular day.
• Guests should carry binoculars with them for better viewing. The hotel does not have binoculars for guest usage.
• When going on a Safari trip, one should refrain from wearing bright colored clothes and it is advisable to wear a jacket and trousers as by the time the safari ends, the temperature dips.
• Never wander alone without the Guide inside the Park, as it could be Dangerous.
• Carefully listen to the instructions of your experienced Naturalist Guide escort.
• Carry water bottles.

Cost for the Safari
Jeep Safari - Rs. 6950.00 (For 02 persons)
Elephant Safari - Rs 7995.00 (For 02 persons)
Jeep + Elephant Safari - Rs.10500.00 (For 02 persons)

- Transportation from Ananda to National Park And Back
- Charges for safari in the Park.
- Entrance fee.
- Still camera fee. (For Movie/Video camera extra charge will levied)
- Services of a wildlife expert.
- All applicable taxes


White water rafting can be organized for guest who would like to pack in some adventure along with their holiday time at Ananda in the Himalayas.

Rafting starts from “Shivpuri”, which is 17 km upstream from Rishikesh. One could also choose a longer rafting stretch, from Bayasi which would be an additional 20 minutes drive from Shivpuri. Shivpuri is an hour and fifteen minutes drive from the hotel, where a car can drop you. The rafting organizers would meet you there who would get you down towards Rishikesh in the raft. This would take about 2 hours. Rafting down from Bayasi would take 3 hours.

A car can then meet you at a pre arranged spot, which would get you back to the hotel. The drive back after rafting to the hotel would be 30 minutes.

Does one need to know swimming to go rafting ?
Not necessary. The life jackets, equipment and safety briefing by the experience crew are more than adequate. However, should you be apprehensive of the big rapids, guides will have you walk around them.

What are the age and health requirements for rafting?
There is no upper age limit for rafting as long as you are in reasonably good health. Minimum 14 yrs. You will be required to sign a liability release prior to the trip. Guardians must sign on behalf on their children.

Attire for rafting?
Life jacket and helmet is more than adequate for rafting a change of clothes should be handed over to the staff, prior to the trip, who will set up a changing tent at the end of the rafting trip. You will need a pair of strap up sandals or running shoes. No bare feet. For the warmer months (Mar/Apr/Oct/Nov) shorts and T-Shirts along with proper footwear will suffice.

Is rafting safe/ what can one expect on the trip?
The Ganges rapids are ideal for the first time rafter where you can expect to get thoroughly wet and have a lot of fun! The rapids are thrilling yet safe. The guides are in command and will instruct you on basic paddling technique and safety procedures.In certain sections of mild water you may be encouraged to body surf. There are refreshments along the way at “Diving rock” where the more adventurous can take a plunge into the river.

A) Rafing timings
Rafting can be organized to start earliest at 10:00 am and the latest that one can start rafting from Shivpuri is 02:00 pm

B) Car Charges :
Duration : 5 Hours
Distance : 80 Kms. Both ways
Total Cost for Trip : Rs 2100/- (Inclusive all taxes)
Extra Mileage : @ Rs 35.00/- km
Extra Hour : @ Rs 425/- hour

C) Rafting Charges :
Duration : 2 Hours in water
Rafting Stretch : 12 Kms
Total Cost for Rafting(Inclusive of all taxes)
Minimum 2 persons – Rs 1575/- per person (If a guest wishes to go for rafting individually then he would have to pay for 2 persons i.e. Rs 3150/-).
5-9 Persons – Rs 1260/- per person.

* Please note rafting and car charges from Bayasi, would be more than mentioned above

All rates mentioned above are subject to change, without notice. Rates as offered in the final proposal as per the inclusions asked by the guests will be treated as final rates.

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