Ananda in the Himalayas, Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand

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Fitness and Activities


Fitness Consultation and Assessment ( 30 minutes )
This programme is designed to assess your current fitness level and to recommend an exercise programme that suites your lifestyle. Our exercise specialist will test your aerobic capacity, heart rate and overall strength. We will assess your weaknesses, strengths and advice you on a complete fitness programme during your stay and beyond.

Body Composition Analysis ( 30 minutes )
A useful, scientifically based tool used to access the composition of your body tissue and recommend your target weight and lean body mass percentage.

Personal Training ( 55 minutes )
Participate in personal training with the fitness expert whom will design a unique programme for your needs and objectives no matter what your fitness level. This programme is designed to complement your home routine and to maximise your use of the Shanti Ananda facilities.

Private Session on the Fit ball (45 minutes)
All exercises using the fitness ball.


Nature Walk
Contemplate and receive nurturing. The morning starts with a fresh juice served in the Spa lounge. This is followed by stroll along the trail with a guide enjoying the beauty and tranquility of nature. At a certain point guests have the opportunity to be guided to a deep meditative experience. The walk ends with a ginger/lemon tea and a relaxed soak in the pool, spa or sauna.

Morning Energizer
Start the day devoted to health, fitness and well-being. This begins with a delicious high protein drink in the Spa lounge. The spa’s natural setting gives ample opportunities to tone, firm, build, balance, stretch and discover the natural way to experience all components of the body. Guests choose their own pace and the guide assists in finding the optimal way to work out. Walk or jog around the trails back to the destination spa for a fresh juice or herbal tea.

Kunjapuri Temple Trek
14km north of Ananda-In the Himalayas, Kunjapuri soars 1645 meters high to commemorate Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva idols. Awaken one’s spirituality with snow-capped Himalayan Mountains' vistas and sacred surroundings at sunrise or sunset. Guided by the spa staff, the 3-4 hour trek experience is a sound balance to a fulfilling Ananda Yoga programme.

Cross Training
Focus on physical conditioning and limbering for yoga with free weights and personalized coaching from the physiotherapist. For body tone, allow the massage therapist to concentrate on special areas with Thai or Deep tissue massage.

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