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Nirvana - The Pub
Each pub has a personality and individuality of its own. While contributing to the basic function of a pub like providing a temple of leisure fro cotemporary society, as a display case of latest trends, to provide anonymous runways for showing off Trends and Attitudes, they also provide for watering holes for clientele with lots of purchasing power and the wooers of this clientele.

Nirvana is a pub that gives you the aesthetic serenity of an underwater world, coupled with world class sound, intelligent lighting, exotic snacks, wide range of drinks, personalized service, while fulfilling the prerequisites of a pub. To the wide variety of songs belted out by the best of DJ’s, join us on the wooden dance floor or spend well invested time with your business associates/partners or just sit around soaking in the atmosphere.

Our Pub is Open to visitors Every Saturday 7pm Onwards.

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